Our practice-based accredited training for teachers.

Our training builds on the learning through play methodology, which helps to transform more didactic activities into playful, competency-based collaborative activities, where children learn and develop. 

We show teachers how to spot and observe what might be behind a child's behaviour - for example, a behavioural problem - and in which areas they are lagging behind. In addition to observation, we also show how they can help these children within the group, by involving them in the community. We will enable teachers to better identify early developmental delays, better plan daily activities based on the educational/curricular needs of children with different ability profiles, help them to help children with delayed development in their own group of children, and show practical ideas on how to support normal and delayed development children to work, play and be accepted together in the group. 

Our method can help children prepare for school.

Our training is designed for teachers and institutional staff working with children from nursery to second grade in primary school, with modules and curriculum tailored to the age group.

  • Training for teachers and parents on working with or raising children with atypical development.
  • Training about the benefits of free play to children’s social, emotional, creative, and cognitive development.
  • The different sequences of brain development.
  • Communicating about development disorders with parents, in the family, among parents and with teachers.
  • How to make inclusion happen in the classroom through guided play activities.

The tips helped a lot in solving certain difficult situations, the problematic child in my kindergarten group is much more manageable and calmer now.

Anna Hass, Pre-school teacher, Hungary

The system of observation shed light on things I didn’t think were relevant. I finally understood why our “problematic kid” did what he did and now I don’t feel lost and clueless in similar situations anymore.

Krisztina Molnar, Pre-school Teacher, Hungary

The play activities gave me a new way of thinking, inspired me to reshape our common activities and previous games. It really works, thank you!

Zsuzsa Heinz, Pre-school teacher, Hungary