Empowering Refugee and Vulnerable Children in Hungary - funded by UNICEF

A project supported by UNICEF

In collaboration with UNICEF and Kincs-Ő Foundation, NestingPlay embarked on a mission to provide essential early childhood development and intervention services to refugee children and vulnerable families arriving in Hungary from Ukraine. 

The outbreak of the war in Ukraine has given rise to an unprecedented and extensive humanitarian crisis, causing the displacement of over six million people to neighboring countries since February 24, 2022. The majority of those affected are women and children, as well as older individuals and those with disabilities. Hungary, which served as both a transit and destination country, has witnessed the arrival of approximately 3,807,957 refugees from Ukraine between 24 February 2022 and 18 November 2023 when the project concluded.  

The project aimed to enhance early childhood development. It identified ideal locations for early learning services, enhanced the capacities of early childhood educators in play-based methodologies, and provided children with valuable developmental opportunities through caregiver-child play sessions and parental support programs. The multifaceted approach aimed to create a supportive community for both educators and parents, fostering an environment conducive to the well-rounded development of young learners.

Activities included: 

  • Capacity building program for early childhood educators
  • Support sessions for early childhood educators
  • Guided play-days for children
  • Parent academy sessions on parenting issues

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