Nestingplay's founder, Eszter, experienced firsthand the challenges of raising a child who struggled to fit in through her youngest son. Áron couldn't play with his peers, wasn't accepted, didn't understand the games, and often felt left out. Eszter recognized that if this situation wasn't addressed promptly, it would adversely affect Áron's social life, integration, and well-being.

Observing similar struggles among other children in her community, Eszter was inspired to take action. Recognizing play as a natural environment for children, she and her team focused on the playground, developing a system of specialized equipment to facilitate the inclusion of children facing various challenges within the community. This approach proved successful.

Subsequently, the scope of Nestingplay expanded to encompass all forms of play, and programs were developed for teachers and parents to actively engage children who faced difficulties in integration.

Nestingplay evolved into a social enterprise, organizing successful development training programs worldwide. Its impact has been acknowledged through awards such as the Award-winning Entrepreneur Award, Ashoka Fellow, and Exceptional Women of Excellence awards. However, the true measure of success lies in the many children whose early support from Nestingplay has paved the way for happier, more fulfilling lives.