Fonyód Shelter - a cooperation with the municipality of Budapest

NestingPlay was invited by the Budapest Municipality to manage the Fonyód Refugee Shelter due to the increased number of children resulting from the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine.

Since the conflict began, we have focused on providing essential care for Roma refugee families living here. Our goal is to address the daily needs of both adults and children while promoting educational opportunities and assisting with integration into their new surroundings. 

Through various programs, we aim to foster a sense of community and support the process of adjustment. With the backing of United Way, our services cater to children ranging from preschoolers to 14-year-olds, providing crucial assistance to both the young ones and their parents.

We understand the challenges children face in adapting to formal education systems. Therefore, we prioritize early childhood development and academic support for children aged 7-14. Despite the absence of an onsite study area, our dedicated staff ensures that children receive homework assistance and educational guidance upon their return to the camp after school. Weekly activities are also organized to improve their academic skills and overall school experience.

Additionally, our holiday camps offer opportunities for informal learning and cultural enrichment, including recreational activities, outings, and community-building exercises.

In our commitment to comprehensive support, we involve parents through regular discussions led by NestingPlay professionals to strengthen their skills and foster a positive attitude toward education. At Fonyódi Refugee Shelter, we are dedicated to promoting not only academic progress but also the overall well-being of our residents.