Our vision

Our vision

Our vision is to establish educational hubs that emerge as vital contributors to inclusion in disadvantaged communities. This is intended to complement the mainstream educational opportunities that may be unavailable to them. In pursuit of this goal, we have been diligently working to weave a safety net for each child from the very beginning. As the saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child." 

Through our programs, we leave a positive impact on every facet of children's lives. We aspire for all parents, teachers, and communities to embrace inclusivity. Our primary objective is to foster inclusiveness among every parent, teacher, and community so that children can engage with all tools and toys, irrespective of their age or ability.

How we can help

  • Fun

    NestiParty, Fun for All

    NestingPlay Inclusive Birthday Parties
  • asd

    NestingPlay Hubs

    Inclusive safe spaces for children with atypical development encouraging collaborative play within diverse groups of children, under the guidance of trained pro
  • Playground


    Specially designed outdoor play installations designed to inspire play and foster bonds within diverse children groups guided by trained adults.
  • webapp

    Nesti Webapp

    Nesti supports teachers to observe and monitor the development of each child in a complex way.
  • NestingPlay Academy

    NestingPlay Academy

    Training sessions for teachers working with children aged 0 to 8, focusing on recognizing developmental delays, facilitating development, and addressing challen

Our story in numbers

  • 8 countries

    We operate all around the world.
  • 50+ education projects

  • 4000 children