Nesti is a digital platform for teachers based on the NestingPlay methodology, which helps them to monitorize children in a complex way and to develop developmental gaps and support them with playful activities. 

This web-based application, besides helping teachers to identify what is behind the troubling behaviour and how to help the child's development through/with targeted play, makes the communication easier between the parents and the institutions/teachers.

How can Nesti help?

  • With Nesti you can follow the development of a child through years
  • You can follow the development of the child on a diagram.
  • Nesti makes your work easier. For example, it will alert you when the next measurement is due.
  • Nesti offers playful activities to develop delayed abilities.
  • Nesti gives you an idea how to integrate a child with developmental delays in the common activities of the group.
Nesti Webapp