NestingPlay’s first Early Childhood Development project in Kenya aims to build the capacities of professionals of early childhood education and care to provide quality pre-primary education and development services for all students, including those with special needs. 
The program includes a series of capacity building activities provided for kindergarten teachers, both official and non-official, health care providers and parents. 

In Kenya, we work closely with the Bungoma County Education Minister and local schools. Working together, we are helping them to transition to learning through play, helping them to adapt competency-based education to local opportunities. We will also teach teachers how to engage children who are developmentally delayed in common activities and how to support their development.
100+ teachers will have been trained by 2022.

Together with our partners Making More Health and Boehringer Ingelheim, we are working to improve the wellbeing of people in the region, especially to create the best possible developmental environment for children. To achieve our goal, we have opened two parent centers where parents can share problems and be with their children in a safe environment. We also help them to learn positive parenting, play together, and train the parent center staff to identify potential problems and support/lead joint, developmental activities/plays.
We continue to work to open as many of these parent centers as possible across the country.

Our geographic focus is in Webuye East, Bungoma North, and Tongaren sub-counties in Kenya.

NestingPlay has partnered with:

  • Core Health and Wealth International
  • The County Government of Bungoma
  • Ministry of Education