We teach everyone how to play because play is the essence of learning.

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About Nestingplay

Nestingplay is a social enterprise, providing practical training for kindergarten and pre-school teachers. The aim of our training is to enable  teachers to involve vulnerable children in playing, working together or other daily activities. We also design inclusive playground equipment where kids with different abilities can play together on the same equipment. Our equipment can accommodate children with a wide range of motor skills, with mental and physical challenges, including children on the autism spectrum. Finally, we make it a priority to work closely with parents and communities to create more inclusive learning environment.

A short presentation on NestingPlay can be downloaded here.


Nestingplay is recognized for the successful inclusion of 0-10 years old children with different challenges or disabilities, due to developmental delays or psychological issues, such as trauma suffered because of poverty, war, persecution or exclusion.  Our holistic concept is designed by experts and practitioners. It includes (i) training for kindergarten, pre-school/primary school teachers and other education professionals, (ii) learning opportunities for parents, and (iii) inclusive playground equipment. We believe in the power of play as the essence of learning.


Young children play together regardless of their individual abilities and social background. Educational institutions, parents, municipalities and external partners build strong communities that support vulnerable children to improve their learning and social inclusion.

Our team

Eszter Harsányi

C.E.O. Owner

Responsible for business development and sales, I am a former HR expert and mother of two children. After the birth of my second son, Aaron, I realized how big of a task it is to raise and educate a disabled child and create the right environment to integrate them into the community and with their peers. At the age of six months, Aaron was diagnosed with severe epilepsy and, after years of suffering Aaron is now playing together and studying with his first-class companions. Together with my colleagues, I have launched a system of special playground equipment, which offers a solution to the limited inclusion of children with special needs into the community. Within the framework of Nestingplay, I’m responsible for the development of the business concept and training programs, and the transfer of knowledge with an inspiring and dedicated team!

Award-winning Entrepeneur: Ashoka Fellow and Exceptional Women of Excellence!

Rita Szőke

I have been teaching children with diverse behaviours for 25 years as a language and communication developer. The main focus of my work is children with attention deficit and behavioural problems. Throughout my career, I have often worked directly with kindergartens. I have given advice to kindergarten teachers on how to involve kids with behavioural problems in kindergarten communities. I have often found that if non-disabled and disabled children play together there are long-lasting, positive effects on both sides. I believe in playing together. Benefits of this include lasting friendships, broader social skills and personal principles, increased comfort levels with people who have special needs (and vice versa), and caring, nurturing kindergarten environments. The most important function of friendship is to make people feel cared for, loved, and safe. Children with disabilities can create long-lasting friendships that would not be possible otherwise, and these friendships can give them the skills to navigate social relationships later on in life.

Eszter Sulyok

As a psychologist, rehabilitation professional, university lecturer, and concerned mother, I believe that inclusive approach is of paramount importance.  I believe that with my diverse expertise I can help each project with a holistic approach to make sure that resources are efficiently used and that via playing together and with empathy children can become happy and balanced adults.

Our services

Educational institutions

In every group of children, there are kids who suffer from developmental or social issues. Including these children in group activities and play is often a challenge for teachers and peers. Although teachers have sufficient theoretical knowledge, there are situations when theory alone is insufficient. What should we do with the child who is constantly yelling? Or, the child who can't connect with the others' game because she doesn't understand the rules. What about a child who is considered 'aggressive'? How do we approach a child who can't find her place within a group? How do we build partnerships with caring parents?

Our training for kindergarten and pre-school teachers is designed to learn how to properly engage vulnerable children in everyday activities and play. The training includes many practical examples of how to handle such situations and involve children with special education needs with the rest of the group. For this purpose, we have also created specific board games that will expand on these practical examples. During the training, we work directly with the teachers to help further integrate these examples into the everyday practices.

The training takes place in the kindergartens'/schools' premises.

The benefit of the training: teachers and other education professionals learn to cope better with the diverse children groups and their individual needs, and will have a better understanding of how to build partnerships and alliances with parents and other professionals in the education system for the benefit of children with special education needs.


Nestingplay also offers inclusive playground equipment and workshops for parents and health officers.

Play is the essence of learning. Kids can play at the playground, at the kindergarten, at the school, and at home. However, vulnerable kids are often left out from play at the playground or in the kindergarten or in the school. Without enabling equipment, families who are raising children especially with physical disabilities, are not going to the playground if their children can’t play together with their peers. These children become isolated and isolation has a long-lasting effect on their health and overall wellbeing.

The workshop provides a natural process for community members to integrate all children. These elements (training, equipment, and workshop) are designed to complement each other.

Our products

Benefits of inclusive playground equipment:

1. Disabled and non-disabled children can play at the same time, at the same place, thus learning how to play and communicate with peers who may be different. In this way, each child’s communication and social abilities improve.

2. Children with multiple challenges who are unable to sit, have difficulty holding their head, or may not use their hands easily may use this equipment. The raised stomach position is much safer for these children, and the position itself can be developmental.

3. A disabled child with SEN (special education needs) and limited mobility can still play meaningfully on the playground alone – without being forced to the edge of the sandpit – thus improving their movement and cognitive abilities.

4. The recumbent part of the equipment is also recommended for infants who are not yet able to sit or hold their head well. A 8-month-old baby is not forced to stay in the stroller as their siblings play on the playground, and they can safely play with the other children.

5. The equipment can be used safely by non-disabled children while sitting or lying down.

Children of different abilities can play together from the ages of 8 months to 8 years.

What people say about Nestingplay?


I really liked that we worked in a small group during the training. I think the exchange of practical experience helps everyone. The cases of board games capture well what we have experienced in everyday life. Everybody has many similar situations what we had already experienced and during the training we had the opportunity to share the knowledge with each other.
My keywords about the training: awareness, competence.
Any book can be read, but it is different when we have the opportunity to be and think together on a difficult situation. This form of training helps us to pay even more attention to children - I take it with me from the training that our task in problematic situations is not firefighting, but finding a consistent long-term solution.
For us, behavioral disorders and aggression are more likely to cause conflict in the group. It is great that I have received exact practical answers to my questions. Besides the most helpful to me was that we were able to talk honestly about how to communicate with parents. I got some really good tips, I can’t wait to try them out in practice!
I really liked the game. It was good not to find an immediate solution to the situation, but to think through it as an outside observer. I will use this into my everyday work.

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