Our vision

Our vision

Our vision is to create educational hubs which become an indispensable player of inclusion in disadvantaged communities, to complement the mainstream education opportunities which are not available for them. To achieve this goal/aim, we have been working from the beginning to make our services a net under the child. 

After all, "It takes a village to raise a child." With our programs, we make our mark in every aspect of children's lives. We want all parents, teachers and communities to be inclusive / Our main goal is to make every parent, teacher and community inclusive and children can play with all tools and toys, regardless of their age or ability.

How we can help

  • Fun

    NestiParty, Fun for All

    NestingPlay Inclusive Birthday Parties
  • asd

    NestingPlay Hubs

    Inclusive safe spaces for children with atypical development promoting play together in diverse children groups guided by trained professionals.
  • Playground


    Specially designed outdoor play installations inspiring play and bonding in diverse children groups guided by trained adults.
  • webapp

    Nesti Webapp

    Nesti supports the teachers to observe and to monitor the development of each child in their care in a complex way so they can discover children’s invisible dis
  • NestingPlay Academy

    NestingPlay Academy

    Trainings for teachers (of children from 0 to 8) on recognising developmental delays, helping development and thus solving chellenging behaviour.

Our story in numbers

  • 8 countries

    We're active all around the world.
  • 50+ education projects

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  • 4000 children

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