About us

Kids. Game. Sensitivity. Sharing the experience. Getting to know each other. Tolerant communities. Tolerant society.

Nestingplay’s mission as a social enterprise is, in part, to have more and more inclusive playground equipment into more and more playgrounds where it can be safely used by disabled and non-disabled, clumsy and less clumsy children. Devices that call for play. In Nestingplay, the primary space for integration is play, the playground itself, where children first meet their peers, disabled and non-disabled and their and parents as well. In the new system of Nestingplay, the primary field of integration is the game, the playground, where children first meet their peers with different levels of development. In this natural situation and environment, children need to play and work together with the skills essential to their success: empathy, flexibility, creativity. At the same time, Nestingplay also provides interactivity training for practitioners, a one-day, four-module training. The training offers tangible tools, develops advanced skills through special board games, role-playing games that support educators in day-to-day integration for the benefit of the entire community of children.

Eszter Harsányi – C.E.O. Owner and representative of Ideathon Kft.

Responsible for business development and sales, former HR expert, mother of two children. After the birth of my second son, Aaron, I realized how big task it is to raise and educate an injured child and creating the right environment and the cited integration. At the age of half a year, Aaron was diagnosed with severe epilepsy and after years of hell, Aaron is now playing together and studying with his first-class companions. Together with my fellows we launched a system of special playground equipment called Magikme, which offered a solution to the integration of children with injuries into the community. Within the framework of Ideathon, Ideal with the marketing of playground equipment, the development of the concept, the development of training programs and the transfer of knowledge with an inspiring and dedicated team!

Rita Szőke

I have been developing children with different behaviors for 25 years. as a language and communication developer main focus of my work is kids with an attentione deficit and behavioral problems. During my work I have worked with kindergartens in many cases, I have given advice to kindergarten teachers how to involved kids with behavioral problems in a particular kindergarten community. I have often experienced that if the non-disabled and the disabled are playing together, it has a longlasting effect on both children. I believe in playing together. Some of the benefits include friendships, social skills, personal principles, comfort level with people who have special needs, and caring kindergarten environments. The most important function of friendships is to make people feel cared for, loved, and safe. Children with disabilities can create long-lasting friendships that would not be otherwise possible and these friendships can give them the skills to navigate social relationships later on in life.

Eszter Sulyok

As a psychologist, engineer, university professor, and concerned mother, I believe that inclusive approach is of paramount importance. Practicing acceptance as early as it is possible is important, however only a few professionals dispose practical, hands-on knowledge for the planning needed for a disabled child and his family. I believe that with my diverse expertise I can help each project with a holistic approach to make sure that resources are efficiently used and that via playing together and with empathy children can become happy and balanced adults.

Ádám Miklósi

Having worked on various product developments starting from the concept phase up until mass
production, I have gained wide experience in appliance design, branding and packaging design.
Besides, I have also created interfaces and unique user experiences for hardware and software
As a curious thinker, I am a keen researcher of new design thinking methods and I love pushing
boundaries by the eventual involvement of users in the product development process.

Igor Petrovic

Igor has more than 15 years of experience from four countries with multinational corporations, SME’s and startup companies. After moving back to Belgrade in 2006, Igor has worked in multiple industries across the Balkans region. Industry expertise: Logistics, Consumer Goods & Retail, IT, Human Resources, NGO and Consulting services. Over the past years, his interests have shifted towards the non-profit sector where he is utilizing his rich background in capacity-building  and organizational development projects with various NGOs and social entrepreneurs