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In every 8th family in Hungary there is a child who requires special care, which means that up to half a million people are affected by their family members. Fortunately, these children are no longer isolated to such extent as a few decades ago. They appear in public education, in the community of kindergartens and schools, in the spaces of the common game. This puts the institutions, teachers and the whole community at a professional challenge. Our social enterprise has developed a training package that supports the integration of children with different abilities in a complex way. Designed for nursery schools for integration into native communities, this training package includes special, integrative playground equipment for use in seventy playgrounds in Hungary, as well as an interactive, four-module, one-day training, and a parental workshop. It provides a natural process for community members to achieve integration. The elements are built on each other, however as they can stand alone too they can be ordered separetely too.