The mission of Nestingplay as a social enterprise is partly to design playground equipment that can be accomodate safely by both disabled and non-disabled, clumsy and less clumsy children in the same equipment creating the opportunity for common play and thus integration. In our approach the primary field of integration is the fun, the playground itself which is the first socializing paltform for kids. While they are playing at the playground they will learn how to cooperate, communicate with each other (disabled and non-disabled) in a creative way We are also building small communites where the playground itself is the catalisator. The company helps cooperation, communication and creativity by helping its clients to create an incluisve space for all ages and abilities. At the same time, Nestingplay provides training for teachers, based on practical elements, a half day, two-modules accrediateted training. The training offers tangible tools, develops advanced skills through special board games, role-playing games that support educators in day-to-day integration for the benefit of the entire community of children.


Our aim is to create mental well-being at the social level through our complex development program. Nestingplay aims to become a regional leader in introducing a special  evelopment program / methodology in a franchise system. To this end, it undertakes to include 1,000+ educational institutions, families and local communities by 2022 into its social attitudes change mission.