Our key products are specially designed inclusive outdoor playground equipment, promoting play together for children with different needs. The play installations are manufactured in Hungary and available on demand. Currently, these installations are used in over 80 outdoor playgrounds in Hungary.

Inclusive and safe play areas equipment outdoor and indoor

  • Outdoor settings as catalyzers for practicing bonding and playing together, and acquiring important social and emotional skills for all children
  • Providing various alternatives for play and bonding, while they also develop children’s motoric, creative, social, and emotional skills


  • Disabled and non-disabled children can play at the same time, at the same place
  • Convenient for ages of 8 months to 8 years
  • Safe for anyone
  • Easily constructible
  • Designed by the NestingPlay team

Online game for kindergartens and parents

NestingPlay has developed a joyful online tool that helps parents and educators understand the possible causes behind the unusual behaviors of children. Through an enjoyable and playful
journey, we learn about alternative ways to rewire the brain, leading to more adequate social interactions. The game will be shortly available online.